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Containerized Smart Toilet

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We develop trailor made container solutions to fit your custom requirements. We make customized solutions catering to multiple applications such as schools, toilets, canteens, kitchens, hospital’s emergency rooms, offices and similar housing and commercial applications made from high quality materials using advanced technology and machinery to create eco-friendly and reusable products which provide quality and hygienic living as well as work conditions.

1) Size-20 X 8 ft
2) Floor Space-160 sq.ft.
3) Material of construction-Puff Panel
4) Unisex Section- Male Section-1 western toilets,3 –urinals, 1 hand wash basin
5) Female Section-3 western toilets,1 hand wash basin
6) Water Tank- 750 Ltr
7) Urinals- will be water less urinal pots for male section
8) Lights-will be motion based
9) Ventilation-ample ventilation will be provided
10)Hygiene Equipment -we shall provide Hand Dryer ,Soap Dispenser in each compartment
11)Usage Display- will be providing the occupancy status outside the toilet to next person
12)Mirror-1 X 2 ft